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How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed

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  Rejection, or the fear of it, is the roadblock to success. The only thing that successful people do that unsuccessful people will not do or will not continue to do is
confront rejection, or as I refer to it, the NO’s of life.

  Many people hide from anything resembling rejection, embarrassment, disappointment, failure, or humiliation.

  Of course they do! Who wants more of that? But the terrible truth about this is most people don’t know it or won’t admit it.

  Salespeople avoid or run from it until they can no longer make a living.

  Lonely people remain lonely until they can finally admit that rejection is the only path to finding the right one.

  Someone once said that successful people do the the things that unsuccessful people will not do. These people almost always fail but seldom quit.

  This simple secret, The Power Of NO and the book, “How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed” can open the hidden doors to understanding how you can move
ahead in life. Get beyond stuck.

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