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Do Not Miss This Brilliant TED Talk

In my book, “How To Take No For An Answer and Still Succeed,” the reader can see a variety of ways to overcome rejection and avoid the fear of failure. It’s more about moving forward than just motivation.

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It’s easy to get lost in the confusion of failure but, as this video, brilliantly delivered in her TED talk, the author or “Eat Pray, Love” Elizabeth Gilbert shows how easy it is to get lost and stuck in success too! It’s so easy to believe that once a major goal is achieved that there is only happiness and satisfaction. That’s simply not true. There is no end point in success or satisfaction, they are simply way stations toward a successful and happy life.

The secret is to go beyond success just as we have to go beyond our failures.

I love this video and encourage you to view it either as a companion or a prelude to “How To Take No For An An Answer and Still Succeed.”

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Tom Justin

My thanks to Luminita of for guiding me to this video.

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