Have The Same Problem-Solving Source As International Celebrities, Professionals, Spiritual Teachers, Authors and Business Leaders
Tom Justin, author of How To Take No For An Answer And Still Succeed is now accepting a limited number of new clients
Have Your Own Personal Guide To The Solutions You Need
  • Work Through Difficult Problems And Get Unstuck
  • Ask Honest And Probing Questions In Confidence
  • Explore How To Ask The Right Questions To Get What You Want
  • Overcome Fear
  • Gain New Balance In Your Personal And Business Life
  • Discover And Release The Negative Mindset And Doubt That's Holding You Back
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Become More Aware And Conscious Of Yourself And Of Others
  • Find "Your Inner Wizard," Your Place For Creativity, Wisdom and Happiness

"I consider him one of my key business advisers for project planning and business management."

"I just had an amazing 'Wizard Session' with Tom Justin that was quite surprising in its accuracy. He told me detailed and specific information about my business and what to watch out for in terms of challenges, opportunities and areas for discovery.Tom brings his considerable knowledge and experience in intuitive work, business management and online marketing to the session. Totally worth it! I consider him one of my key business advisers for project planning and business management."

Beath Davis YourPurpose.com

"I trust his instincts and his knowledge. I would wholeheartedly take advantage of any course, seminar or speaking engagement he offers."

"As a martial art trainer, former Special Forces member, protection specialist and consultant to feature films, I've had to rely on my intuition as much as my physical skills numerous times. "Tom Justin has the ability to simultaneously operate in an active environment while using his intuitive skills to help himself and others around him. "I trust his instincts and his knowledge. I would wholeheartedly take advantage of any course, seminar or speaking engagement he offers."

Tom Muzilla Author of Mental Karate

"We work with local to Fortune 500 companies and have entrusted clients to Tom Justin's care, and he has never disappointed us."

"Just having him on-call can be well worth his fees. Like a fire extinguisher, it's there when you need it and very well missed if you don't have its availability."

Rob Dodson President

"I know I derived unprecedented intuitive help from the intense consultations you helped me with"

"You do have a gift that is intuitive and surpasses that of other "business consultants, advisors or coaches". You are truly gifted and the world can greatly benefit from your intuition and astute business advice."

Dr. Marel McKinley

"Beautifully balances his coaching and wisdom with practical, real-world lessons and insight.”

Tom Justin brings forth an even added value to helping you re-route your life; his extensive street-level experience in the corporate world. It may be hard for you to find another teacher of higher-learning who so beautifully balances his coaching and wisdom with practical, real-world lessons and insight.”

Barry Goss lwlworldwide.com  

"Worth the entire years worth of fees.."

“Your advice to me on the first day of your consultation was worth the entire years worth of fees, even if you gave nothing more than that, which you most certainly did.”

Francis Costanzo President, GMX International

"His predictions were right all the way!"

Before a second meeting with a potential investor, I asked Tom to coach me. He not only made suggestions about how to set the tone for the meeting, he also predicted how the investor would act. His predictions were right all the way! He also showed me how to get behind the scenes of any meeting to discover hidden agendas. His advice has been right on. I’m so glad that he’s just a phone call or email away.

Lark Williams Radio, TV & Film Personality and Brand Ambassador

"Our weekly mastermind sessions were powerful

and insightful."

“When I first met Tom Justin, I was VP of Information Technology for a $9 billion dollar international corporation. Our weekly mastermind sessions were powerful and insightful. Tom’s stream of consciousness and direct approach to challenges and creative problem solving helped me and others immeasurably. I look forward to future Wizard Sessions with him.

Diane Estrada 20/20 Foresight

How To Choose Your Coach?

You would be hard pressed to find any successful person who can claim to have succeeded alone. The greatest athletes have coaches. The world’s top business people, celebrities, great thinkers, religious leaders, authors and seekers of excellence all have mentors or coaches.

The great thing about a great coach is they can be there for you when things don’t work out. An experienced coach who’s been with you for even just a few sessions may be able to assist you in recovering from unexpected negative events much faster. A coach is not: arrow66your friend. At least not the kind who will compliment you for every opinion asked. arrow66your boss, wife, brother or sister either. arrow66your psychologist or therapist. A coach must tell you truth as he/she sees it or  guide you to the truth. Opinions are the least of a coach’s job. Your coach must be a creative problem solver, but in a unique way. The brainstorming process with difficult problems or decisions can quicken your ability to move forward in any area of your life.

Whether you are in a difficult personal relationship or having to make a major business or career decision, a good coach will have the tools to assist you in seeing the bigger picture.

But your coach is not the decision maker.

The final decisions are always yours.

See Tom Justin's bio below

Your Choices

The following are reserved for individuals for personal coaching and for small businesses (under $1 million annual gross). Larger businesses will be directed to our corporate page.
  All sessions are one-on-one with Tom Justin.A few openings currently exist for new clients. Tom now has openings for the following sessions.
Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.

Single Session

Single sessions are often used to assist the client with specific challenges in their work or personal lives. A session may also be used as an exploratory experience for those considering longer coaching agreements ~$250~

4 Session Special

For A Limited Time Only 4 Sessions Only ~$700~
A Savings of  $300

3 Month Special

A One-On-One Session With Tom Every Week ~$2,500~
A Savings of  $500

Annual Coaching Special

A One-On-One Session With Tom Every Week Unlimited Email Questions One Group Session With Associates Or Family Members Per Month ~$9,500~ A Savings of $2,500

Corporate Consultation, Strategies, And Coaching

Larger businesses require specialized services. Please see our business rates here: Please Click Here To Contact

Meet Tom Justin

"The Wizard Of AHA's," is what one client called Tom Justin. Problem solving is the basis of Tom's work in coaching, consulting, writing and speaking.

Tom’s approach to solutions comes with a high degree of intuition, decades of experience and results with clients from American Airlines, Entrepreneur Magazine, celebrities and people from all walks of life. Tom brings an eclectic background which spans the arts to business to the worlds of spirituality and mind power to his many audiences around the world. Unlike many younger and less experienced coaches, Tom Justin didn’t graduate from some online coaching course with a “degree.” His 35+ years of experience in business, personal growth, writing, speaking, and private coaching, (before it was called coaching), equips him with an multitude of tools to use for the solutions you need in business and life in general. Throughout his adult life, Tom has been a professional communicator in all mediums. He has trained tens of thousands on the topics of personal, business and spiritual development. Tom’s topics are as diverse as marketing, Internet strategies, creative writing, business start-ups and using your intuition in everyday life. As a guest lecturer at UCLA’s Experimental College for a six week series entitled, “Power Mind,” designed to increase awareness and intuition, Tom developed the program known today as “The Wizard’s Edge.” Because of his interest as a researcher and actualizer of the powers of the mind, Tom was elected president of The Society for Psychical Research of Beverly Hills, California. Tom produced and hosted a series of TV specials entitled, “Psychic Explorations,” that included interviewing a variety of experts in quantum physics, psychics and scientists on the powers of the mind. He also served as a special reporter for the Metromedia News Network on the same topics. In addition to Tom’s seminars, he has been a highly sought after marketing consultant as well as co-founder/senior executive of a Beverly Hills multi-million dollar marking corporation. Tom is the creator of the websites, YourInnerWizard.com, YourInnerMarketer.com and several online marketing and transformational programs. Tom’s book, “How To Take No For An Answer and Still Succeed,” is a book about overcoming and using rejection in your personal and business life. A senior publishing executive remarked that it contained a surprising blend of spiritual principles for such a business based book. It has garnered positive reviews from Jack Canfield, Larry King and readers worldwide. Tom’s been featured in Reader’s Digest and has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. He is currently working on a new book and course soon to be announced.